School and Camp Lunch Service | CT, Westchester & NYC

Delicious, child-tested, nutritious hot lunch service for schools and camps who do not have kitchens. Serving Westchester County, Fairfield County and NYC.

Home-Cooked School Lunches served Daily  

Lunch in Hand cooks, delivers and serves nutritious, balanced, and delicious school lunches right to your child's school. We serve fresh hot meals in school cafeterias and classrooms. 

We use high-quality ingredients, and most of our meals are cooked from scratch. We offer a wide range of menu options to satisfy growing children—from the most picky to the most adventurous eater, and every child in between. Our meals are a balance of whole grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. Most important of all, our meals are child-tested. Your child look forward to lunch!

Lunch in Hand serves schools in Westchester County, NY, New York City, and lower Fairfield County, Connecticut. 

View our new Video on You Tube which gives you a 'behind the scenes' view of how we produce and serve our delicious lunches. 





Lunch in Hand is part of Dinner in Hand, LLC which I founded back in 2007. Both Dinner in Hand and Lunch in Hand grew out of my passion to get friends and families back to the table to share dinner and talk about their day.  I am equally passionate about good wholesome food and have followed with great interest the trend toward locally sourced foods and the organic food movement. 

In 2008, a good customer of Dinner in Hand was asked by a local school administrator if she knew of a caterer who produced home-style meals that could provide hot lunches to their small school. From this introduction the seed of Lunch in Hand was grown. We discovered a need— schools without kitchens seek a way to provide nutritious wholesome hot lunches to their students. 

Dinner in Hand, started out as a dinner delivery company, providing freshly cooked dinners to families on weeknights.  From this grew our catering company which receives rave reviews from our customers and the press. Many of the accolades belong to Chef Amy Bach for her fabulous food and catering skills. 

We continue to operate a catering business and we now partner with Anne Booth Catering to service our loyal and new customers. 

Throughout the years Dinner in Hand has received much positive feedback and press—which you can see in our newsroom—but owning a business can be a journey at times. While the catering and school lunch part of the business have flourished, I made the difficult fiscal decision to close the dinner delivery portion of the business at the end of 2013.  

This newly launched website is all about our School Lunch Club which is the main focus of my efforts and passion now. We look forward to continuing our mission of delivering fresh, wholesome meals to schools, camps, and special events!

Candida Canfield, Founder

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“My son is a picky eater. 
I was worried he would just refuse the meals. I was wrong. The great food and kind service of the Lunch-in-Hand staff has made lunch easy. My son is trying some different foods and is really excited about lunch at school now.”
—Zac and Luisa’s Mom