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Lunch in Hand is the stress-free way to offer a healthy hot lunch program in your school. From service to clean up & payment. Serving CT, Westchester & NYC

It’s Simple to Start a School Lunch Club at Your School—
We Promise!

Lunch in Hand makes it easy to incorporate our Hot Lunch Club  into your school. Our lunch Club offers parents an opportunity to choose a healthy balanced alternative to preparing lunch daily for their children.   

We Go the Extra Mile. LIH Hot Lunch Club is as stress-free as it gets for school administrators. We recruit and train a Lunch Club Coach to set up, serve and clean up daily. They’re also up to speed on how to gently encourage children to try new foods.

LIH handles all the customer service, money collections, and menu creation. It’s all taken care of—everything! 

How does the school get started? 

  1. LIH creates a menu and pricing structure based on location and menu components. We offer tastings to the committee making the decisions, and collaborate with them on the menu. We will attend PA meetings offering a presentation and tasting to get the ball rolling.
  2. School sends out an email to parents endorsing the program, with the menu, the unique school code and website to register for program. 
  3. Parents contact LIH with questions about the program. 
  4. The Lunch in Hand website is informative. Parents can read about the program, get your school’s unique website link so they can register and pay for the program. 

What we do:

We offer easy Healthy hot lunches: 

For the Hot Lunch Club we bring the food, the server and supplies to your school. We set up and clean up our area.  See our new Video which gives you a behind the scenes view of the process. 

For your parents we offer online registration and payment. We handle all the administrative work and customer service. The school will have no work to do at all.

What the school provides:

All that’s needed is a communal dining space where students can gather to eat together. Some of our schools choose to serve their Nursery School students in the classroom. We also need 2 tables and a cabinet for supplies and based on the location we will need a Convection oven. That’s it! 

Why offer our Lunch Club service?

Offering lunch service at school is a huge convenience for parents. But more than that, parents want healthy and delicious choices beyond standard cafeteria offerings.We care about the children—their health, their likes and dislikes—and provide online payment and registration, as a convenience for the parents and for you. We are flexible and welcoming and offer unprocessed, quality food—something more and more parents care about. 

Lunch in Hand’s Lunch Club will be an asset to the school—providing just one more reason to parents to choose your school. Just look at the glowing testimonials from the parents using our service at other schools. 

Questions on How to Get Started?
Call 914-380-5084 or email us at 

You’ll wonder why you waited so long!   

Lunch in Hand serves schools in Westchester County NY, New York City, and lower Fairfield County in Connecticut. 

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As Headmaster I too often have to ask for favors when a child forgets his/her lunch.  Lunch in Hand is soooo helpful and flexible. Understand firstly that the food is more than fine and full of healthy choices. Those who work and serve for Lunch in Hand mirror Candida—courteous, considerate, and cooperative even when so much in the world seems wrong. Come on by and I’ll buy you lunch anytime.
—Doug Fleming Headmaster Thornton Donovan School