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Lunch in Hand give easy Instructions on How to create a new account or Log In to Join Hot Lunch Club or get our Camp and Catering Services.

Log-in & Ordering Instructions  

Here are your easy instructions for the Hot Lunch Club: 

  1. To join the Hot Lunch Club use these Links: (you'll see the initials of your school in the links)  http://LKnyc.lunchinhand.net OR http://CS.lunchinhand.net OR http://TDS.lunchinhand.net . Bookmark your link. This is where you register your child(ren), pay and see menus.
  2. That’s it, the rest of the instructions are on the ordering page.  

Questions? Call or email us at 914-380-5084

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“My son really loves your lunch. It’s the first time he is enjoying a school lunch so much and talking about it at dinner table. We are a foodie family, and all love to cook. He usually says that he doesn’t want to go to restaurant because nobody can cook better than his mum, but with you guys I am in a serious competition. Keep up the good job.”
—Raayan’s mom