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Packing a Summer Camp Lunch…or How to Avoid a Hot Mess

Swimming, kickball, and arts and crafts are delightful images of summer camp. Soggy sandwiches, mushy fruit and tepid drinks: not so much.

With camp season right around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about summer camp lunch ideas. Sadly, the challenges of packing a summer camp lunch are many. There is the usual concern with providing a healthy meal that won’t end up in the trash. Steering clear of any allergens, your child’s or those of fellow campers, is a must. And any items you pack need to withstand scorching summer temperatures, since many day camps don’t have access to refrigeration.

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Dinner in Hand is featured as one of Westchester’s top caterers.


Dinner in Hand Named "Party Pro" in an article about the most trusted caterers by Westchester's most experienced hosts.


"Here's the thing about delivery restaurants: they're not all that convenient.  Between busy signals and delivery times, dinner can take an hour to get on the table.  Plus, when it arrives, it might not be what you want to feed your family, since the restaurants that deliver tend to sling only junk food.

In contrast, Dinner In Hand, a subscription meal service, offers family-style dinners brought to your home.  Order your dinner by 8 am on the day that you want it, and relax knowing a healthy dinner (that includes salads, veggies, broiled fish and meats) will be on the table tonight, exactly when you want it."


Westchester Parent—June 2007

Dinnertime Dreams Come True – by Susie Aybar


Imagine,…after a long day at work, you step off the train, and like magic, dinner appears! Two Westchester moms are making that little dream a reality. Now when you get home after your commute, Dinner in Hand can have dinner there waiting for you. In Southern Westchester they deliver gourmet meals right to your doorstep between 5 – 9pm on weekdays.

Westchester Family — May 2007

What mother couldn't use an extra pair of hands at dinnertime?


Compound the general evening meltdown with the frantic pace of a rail commute, and you have a recipe for dinner disaster - or, at the very least, a reliance on fast food and poor eating habits.

Westchester County resident, mom and former rail commuter Candida Canfield knew the drill all too well and decided to make it her business to do something about it. Candida has created Dinner In Hand, a company that prepares and delivers dinner to busy professionals and their families.

Customers can place their meal order online from their desk and pick it up as they walk off the train stations. Candida also offers home delivery. Dinners include seasonal dishes, comfort food and kid friendly meals consisting of as main course and one or two side dishes. Try the popular Stuffed Chicken Breast or the super kid-friendly Children's Chicken Pasta. Prices range from $8.50 to $17.50.

Intown Westchester / April 2007


What it is: Food delivery to your local train station or home. Cost: $10.50–$16.50 Entrees, which generally serve one to two people. Convenience: Ordered on a Monday morning and had it delivered to my door on time-Tuesday 5 p.m.: A++ Taste: Creole shrimp, oven-fried chicken, broccoli, and mashed potatoes all tasted better than homemade. Plus, the restaurant-style presentation was gorgeous: A+ Bonus: Founded by a New Rochelle mom, the company uses local ingredients and supports sustainable farming.

Westchester Magazine — April 2007


DON'T BE SURPRISED TO SEE MEN AND WOMEN WEARING BISTRO HATS AND APRONS and carrying coolers at the Larchmont, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, and Pelham Metro-North stations. Dinner In Hand, a new online company, prepares and delivers dinners to busy commuters stepping off the train platform.

"I was once a commuter," says Owner Candida Canfield, a resident of New Rochelle and former marketing executive for The Journal News and "The last thing you want to do after working all day is cook."

What's on the menu? Borgatti's baked ravioli, chicken stuffed with wild mushrooms and organic baby spinach, and pan-seared citrus salmon. The process is simple: log onto and order. Choose from approximately 17 weekly dinners that include a main course and one or two side dishes (a starch and vegetable) and range in price from $8.50 to $17.50.