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Westchester Family — May 2007

What mother couldn't use an extra pair of hands at dinnertime?


Compound the general evening meltdown with the frantic pace of a rail commute, and you have a recipe for dinner disaster - or, at the very least, a reliance on fast food and poor eating habits.

Westchester County resident, mom and former rail commuter Candida Canfield knew the drill all too well and decided to make it her business to do something about it. Candida has created Dinner In Hand, a company that prepares and delivers dinner to busy professionals and their families.

Customers can place their meal order online from their desk and pick it up as they walk off the train stations. Candida also offers home delivery. Dinners include seasonal dishes, comfort food and kid friendly meals consisting of as main course and one or two side dishes. Try the popular Stuffed Chicken Breast or the super kid-friendly Children's Chicken Pasta. Prices range from $8.50 to $17.50.