School and Camp Lunch Delivery | Westchester, NYC & CT

Lunch in Hand offers a varied menu full of whole grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits & healthy fats. We will meet all school and parent food requirements.

Our Food Philosophy

The way we see it is the food we eat feeds our bodies so we can operate to our full potential. You can choose to feed your body good wholesome food or junk. The phrase garbage in/garbage out applies to food and body/mind function. We believe that our palates mature as our body and mind matures. The school setting is a perfect place for experimentation and learning for almost everything—including food.  

Lunch in Hand’s Lunch Club strives to offer a varied menu to expose children of all ages to food choices they can try now and enjoy, or enjoy later—when they are ready.  I am not a fan of processed foods. Yes, I have read: Michael Moss’s “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us”. You will see very little processed foods on our menus. We read labels. We try to find a balance between what our Lunch Club students want, what they will eat today, and what we hope they will try now or in the future. 

About our Food

Our meals are full of whole grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. All our meals are child-tested. Lunch in Hand will meet all school and parent food requirements:

  • Our rice pilaf contains: brown rice, quinoa, lentils and other whole grains.
  • Fruits and vegetables are sourced from local farmers whenever possible.
  • We use only Anti-biotic and hormone free chicken.
  • 100% nut-free menu
  • Every lunch includes a full serving of protein, whole grains, vegetable, fruit, and a drink
  • Delicious substitutes are provided for children with allergies or special dietary restrictions
  • We make our Lunches from scratch. we know what's in the food we serve! 
  • Child-sized apples are bought from the Farmer’s market every Saturday. Currently we use Orchards of Concklin. 
  • Suppliers are constantly added and reviewed to guarantee the best quality and low cost.
  • Organic ingredients are used whenever budget and supply allows. 


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“My son really loves your lunch. It’s the first time he is enjoying a school lunch so much and talking about it at dinner table. We are a foodie family, and all love to cook. He usually says that he doesn’t want to go to restaurant because nobody can cook better than his mum, but with you guys I am in a serious competition. Keep up the good job.”
—Raayan’s mom