School Lunch Service in Westchester, Fairfield, and NYC

Lunch in Hand delivers a nutritious, hot lunch to your child at school. Our menu of junk-free lunches sets us apart from the processed food offered by others.

Join the ‘Lunch in Hand’ School Lunch Club 

Our menu of 100% junk-free hot lunches sets us miles apart from the cheap, processed, unhealthy food that other school lunch caterers offer. It’s easy to get started.

How does the School Lunch Club work? (view video)

  1. Your child’s school lunch is prepared in our commercial kitchen.  The food is put into insulated boxes on wheels and transported to your school. 
  2. Our Lunch Club Coach dishes out lunch, encouraging students to explore new foods.
  3. Students dig in (and get seconds), then head out for recess, gym, library or whatever.
  4. We pack up all the empties and transport it back to our kitchen and the whole process repeats itself the next day! 

Family Style Lunch

Unless a child has an allergy or dietary restriction, all children enjoy the same menu. Our Lunch Club Coach will put a little of everything on each child’s plate to help them branch out into new foods. Children will never be forced to eat anything. 

Here’s how we see it:

Our job: to serve every child a complete nutritious, hot lunch at school.
Your child’s job: to decide how much to eat from what’s being served (and to go up for seconds).

Lunch Club Coach at your service!

Every Lunch Club has a Lunch Club Coach—that special person who serves the food and encourages kids to enjoy new flavors. We recruit and train people who love and understand children and is just right for the job. As an added bonus, the Lunch Club Coach engages students in the LIH Challenge: feeding student’s experiences by exposing them to different foods. 

How to register and get started:

  1. Use the link you were given to register your student in our Lunch Club. Bookmark this link. There are three sites, one for each school we service (you'll see the initials of your school in these links) or or   If this is confusing go to your school's website where they have the link or view the emails you have received from your school, or email us and we’ll send you the link. 
  2. Easy to follow instructions are on the site.  Register your child, pay the lunch fee, and view this month’s menu.

Questions? Call 914-380-5084 or
email us at